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Max Linder in: A Farm-house Romance (Idylle a la ferme), 1912

Pathe comedy by Max Linder.
Premiered in Vienna June 14, 1912 and released in the US Dec. 20, 1912.

"Max, who has sponged upon a wealthy uncle, is told by that worthy to marry one of the daughters of an old friend of his. Max goes down to the farm. At a family council, it is hastily decided that Max must be induced to marry the elder daughter. The daughter shrewdly foresees that Max is more likely to want to marry her younger sister, and she accordingly insists on the sister being disguised as a servant during his stay. Max does not find farm life very congenial. The appearance of a pretty maid introduces some element of pleasure, and he has an exciting time for a few hours in manoeuvring to obtain glimpses of her. His indignation at finding her in his host's arms is expressed rather vehemently, and the father is forced to disclose the real facts of the case. Max promptly begs for the pretty maid for a wife, and gets her." (The Bioscope, June 27, 1912)

Run time 9 minutes 52 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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